Several types of respiratory filters with low maintenance, easy to wear and comfortable are manufactured for different applications. Manufactured filters also include critical application filters for Department of Atomic Energy and Ministry of Defense.


  • 0.3 Micron HEPA Filter media Respiratory Filters for Nuclear Reactors. These filters remove solid and liquid particles, radioactive and extreme toxic particles, bacteria and virus also. [Efficiency level of the filters is 99.97 %].
  • Anthrax preventive filters for Ministry of Defense.
  • Combination Filter Cartridges for use with Respiratory protective equipments in atmosphere containing dusts, fumes, mist and Iodine Vapors.
  • Canister Filters approved to provide protection against organic vapors, Chlorine, hydrogen Chlorine, Sulphur Dioxide, Chlorine Dioxide and Hydrogen Fluoride with a particulate filter which is effective against all solids and liquid aerosols [99.97 % filter efficiency level].
  • Dust and Mist preventive Filters which remove solid and liquid particles, dust, smokes, metal fumes, mist and fogs.


A Glass Test Rig with Flanges is set up for the evaluation of Efficiency & Pressure Drop at a specified flow rate. Test aerosol inlet port, sample up – stream and down stream ports and flow meter are used for these analyses.

Work environment gets contaminated due to gases, vapors, fumes, dust, mist, and smokes. Where control measures, such as, total enclosures, ventilation, remote control already provided on a process or operation, do not prevent contamination of work environment, or the danger to health is significant, use of respiratory protective equipment is recommended. While gases and vapors and removed by chemical reaction, absorption or adsorption, particulate matter is usually removed by simple mechanical filtration. Therefore it is desirable that the filter – type respirators are tested under simulated laboratory conditions and any defects are removed so the respirator affords desired protection at the time of actual use.