Fine Pre Filters are suitable for all air conditioning and ventilating applications. These filters are especially designed to meet the cleanliness requirements of computer rooms, telephone exchange, textile industry, hospitals, steel plants, power plants, electronic industry, BOPP film industry, food & beverage processing plants, precision mechanical assembly and aeronautical industry.

These are used in clean air systems prior to HEPA filters for clean rooms of higher grades. They are also used as First and Second stage filters for clean room using HEPA Filters. Efficiency 90 – 99% down to 5/10/20 micron size particles is obtained consistently.


Filters can be Non Woven Synthetic / Polyester / Polypropylene, Fibre glass sandwiched between two layers of HDPE mesh. One layer of HDPE mesh on one side and al mesh on the other side encased and sealed in AI/ GI/ MS wooden frames. EU 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 medias also available as per ASHRAE grades.

All the frames are powder coated.


Capacity ranging from 500cfm to 2000cfm (available in different sizes in 2″ x 1″ thick, 2 x 2 configurations). Configurations are also available in both flange type & box type. However in both the filters the required CFM can be fabricated to suit the existing AHUs ( Air Handling Unit ) Filters can also be washable and non-washable.


  • High temperature filters
  • Filters with High dust loading capacity
  • Filters for media specially treated for antifungal growth
  • Filters in box and flange versions
  • Epoxy sealed filters with total sealing
  • Sizes as per the requirements are available

High efficiency up to 99% is obtained in PRE filters of 5/10/20 microns. An equally efficient PRE filter is important for the long life of HEPA filters. Many a times neglected, but the true life of a HEPA filter mainly depends on the conditioning and regular maintenance of PRE Filters.

Hence all PRE filters made at our site are meticulously tested and approved at only 99% efficiency.