The damaging effects of atmospheric pollution have been acknowledged as a cause of concern. Impregnated Activated Carbon have High Surface Area and is specially employed for the removal of contaminants which generally exist in very low concentrations.

  • This is a small filter to be kept on tables of capacity 0-100 CFM
  • Application for usage in large congested offices to prevent foul odour and smell.
  • This is a room filter for AC Cabins of size 20 ft X 20 ft. Capacity Of the filter ranges from 1000-10,000 CFM
  • Application in closed air conditioned cabins to remove foul odour and smell like cigarette smoke.

The benefits derived from Activated Carbon Filteration are acknowledged by medical profession, building service consultants, contractors and industry at large.

  • This Filter is to be installed in the ducts of Air Handling Units. Capacity is 1000 CFM.
  • Application in Air Handling Units for removal of organic contaminants like H2S, CS2, NOX, Ammonia.
  • This filter is used for closed AC rooms of sizes more than 30 ft X 30 ft. Litres capacity is 1000 CFM.
  • Application in closed AC cabins or laboratories of area more than 30 x 30 ft for removal of chemical odour, foul smell like sweat and cigarette smoke.


This includes handling large volumes of air for the removal of gases present in low concentrations. These are suitable for applications in control rooms, computer room areas, sensitive housing machinery and electrical equipments. They are generally constructed from wooden casing consisting of activated carbon filled in perforated trays.